When would you like the “Your daily prompt” posted?

Since all of you are so awesome with participaing, and this post is for everyone, I thought I would ask for your input.

What time of day would you like this daily prompt to be posted? Please let me know via the poll below.

Thank you.


Feel free to contact me with other suggestions or even word contributions that you’d like to see in future posts.

5 thoughts on “When would you like the “Your daily prompt” posted?

    • Thanks, I knew your awesome prompt posted earlier. Originally I was posting live each morning, but I have them all scheduled now, and I’ve had a request to post mine earlier.

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  1. I live in a Mountain Standard Time zone, so I’m out of step with most blogs on here anyway. As long as I get the email reminder, I’m good with whenever you choose to do it, it should be convenient for YOU IMHO. Thanks for doing a daily prompt, btw!


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