Hello Fellow Bloggers Who Miss The Daily Prompt

A New Daily Prompt

Starting tomorrow on June 11th, 2018 I will post a daily word prompt. 

The appearance of this prompt site will be different from the Daily Prompt from WordPress for now. If this site is successful and there is enough daily participation I will look into adding the block image links.

For now, it’s simple. I will provide a Daily word prompt and a URL link to copy and paste into your post.  You can do this by putting it at the bottom or highlighting a word and making that word the URL link. If you have questions let me know.

Once you have a post that is linked you can put your post link into the comment line with a small comment or description. Readers can click on your link to visit your site.

This prompt is for words and images. The goal is to have fun and share your creativity and meet new and old bloggers. 

Please remember this will only work if my link is in your post and you put your post link in the comments. 

This prompt will be unmoderated, please be courteous to other bloggers and if you are posting anything that is NSFW 18+ please put that in the comment or title of your blog.

If you wish to report inappropriate comments, posts or any bullying or disrespectful comments or posts please use the contact me page and provide the details. 

This is an inclusive site, please keep hateful behavior and content to yourself. If reported or seen the hurtful comments will be removed.

Thank you.

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